■ Maintenance (Pruning, disinfection, or fertilizer application)

We offer maintenance services for all gardens, not only the ones we have originally laid out. The purpose of our maintenance is not only pruning, but we intend to improve the space and make it blend in with the environment.

Our methods and frequency of maintenance depend on the style or condition of the garden, and on the requests or preferences of clients. If you are not satisfied with your garden or its maintenance, please feel free to contact us.

Workflow (Maintenance)

We can answer your questions by phone or mail.

After a preliminary inspection, we listen to our clients’ requests and complaints and assess the present situation.

③ Maintenance proposal, cost estimation
We can make a plan according to your budget, so please feel free to ask us.
(We do not charge for the suggestion and cost estimation. However, we charge actual transportation expenses if the location is outside of Tokyo)

We will visit the place after making an appointment on a date and time that are convenient for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

■ Gardening (Design+Construction)

We hope that our gardens will improve people’s living and the essence of the place. By setting up gardens, or adding greenery, we hope that our garden will come into fuller harmony with surrounding buildings, your lifestyle, and the environment. At TEIRAKU, we design gardens based on the three following themes.

▪ Modernity
    We value harmony with modern buildings and spaces.

▪ Urban (sophisticated)
    Selecting from a wide range of materials, we value the texture of the elements.

▪ Lifestyle (matching with daily life)
    We take into consideration the function and the purpose of the place where people live and visit.

For example, we arrange plants, thinking of buildings as vessels or using it as background, and then we add natural materials such as stones, water, soil (or, sometimes, artificial materials such as iron and stainless steel). Also, our role is to select the shape of trees that match with the space since plants are living things and each looks different depending on the environment where it grew.

Workflow (Design+Construction)

We take your questions by phone or mail.

②Preliminary consultation
Preliminary inspections, hearing clients’ requests and plans.
We consider a plan according to your budget.
(At this point, we take no charge. However, we charge actual transportation expenses if the location is outside of Tokyo)

Proposal of plan, design, and cost estimation
(We may ask the client to participate in planning costs. This will be deducted from the design cost in the case we go ahead with the construction) If reconsideration of the plan or an estimate is needed, we will review the plan and make a new proposal.

We start construction after the client agrees with our plan.
(We may ask to bear some of the construction and purchasing costs in advance)
The initial plan is used as a prototype, and the final setting and plan are subject to change, depending on the balance with the actual place. When this is the case, we communicate and work with the client.

After the construction is completed, we take time to explain how to take care of the garden and the specific plants in it. 

A garden grows with time, and it is our ideal to grow gardens together with our clients. We take care of gardens in a way that trees and plants blend in, improving the quality of the space.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

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