Chief Gardener, Kenji Shimada

Born in 1977, in Nagoya, Japan. Graduated from Meiji University, School of Business Administration.

When I was a college student, I was involved in the world of landscape design and became fascinated with it.

After graduating university, I started my career as a garden designer, working and training with a master gardener in Tokyo.

I then started my own company at the age of twenty-eight. In my current work, I pursue designs and gardens based upon established landscape techniques while adding an artistic view and elements cultivated in NY, LA, Brazil etc.

Qualification: :  Exterior Planner
Award: :  International Roses & Gardening Show Award
Media: :  BISES (Magazine 2013,8)
   LIVES (Magazine 2012,6)
   Setagaya Life (Magazine)
   OPENERS (Web Magazine)
   The GAZET (News Paper), etc.

Company Profile

History: :  2005 Established as TEIRAKU
   2013 Founded TEIRAKU Co., Ltd.
Paid-in Capital: :  3 million yen
President, CEO and Director: :  Kenji Shimada
Address: :  Kamiyoga 5-27-21, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
   TEL 03-3429-6082
Description of Business: :  Design and construction of gardens and green spaces.
   Maintenance of gardens, plants, and landscaping.
   Planting production for shops, businesses, and events.
   Collaboration work with specialists from other industries.

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